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Yara Galle

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Located in the Heart of Galle Fort

Sun-kissed beaches, lush green mountains, timeless ruins, and turquoise waters – these are the hallmarks of Sri Lanka, the perfect setting for Yara’s exquisite retreats. “Yara” Hotels & Resorts is a rising star in the contemporary hospitality landscape, dedicated to providing unparalleled experiences.

Our mission is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by combining affordability with sustainable living. We aim to redefine hospitality by offering versatile and enriching experiences.

Our dedicated team takes pride in creating spaces that allow guests to relive and create cherished memories. Each of our properties is thoughtfully designed to harmonize with its natural surroundings, ensuring our guests enjoy luxurious comfort and a profound sense of connection with their environment.

Why Choose Yara Galle Fort?


We invite you to embark on a storybook adventure with our upcoming collection of hotels and resorts, each set in some of the most pristine locations across the island, offering spectacular panoramic views. No matter where you choose to stay with us, we promise an authentic experience of Sri Lanka’s renowned hospitality.

In Sri Lanka, feel welcome. At Yara, feel pampered.

Until we meet, we leave you with a traditional Sri Lankan greeting for a long and blessed life: Ayubowan!

Who We Are

Yara Hotels & Resorts is a proud subsidiary of 3NY, a well-established and self-financed parent company with diverse investments across various commercial sectors. Our expertise spans real estate, automobile trading, FMCG manufacturing and distribution, tea and spice exports, kitchen and bathware solutions, and leisure developments. Each division is independently managed by a dedicated team of experts.

For the past two decades, 3NY has been successfully operating both in Sri Lanka and internationally, driven by a group of visionary entrepreneurs. Recognizing the significant increase in tourism to Sri Lanka in recent years, 3NY expanded into the hospitality industry, leading to the creation of Yara Hotels & Resorts. We are committed to providing exceptional experiences and services, embodying the spirit of innovation and excellence that defines our parent company.

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