Galle Fort is a must visit place in Sri Lanka. Every corner of this beautiful city tells a story of its own and will undoubtedly make you want to spend more time exploring. Let us guide you through some amazing things to do in Galle Fort.

A Wide Range Of Pizza Choices At The Fortyard Café & Restaurant, Galle Fort

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Where To Stay In Galle Fort

Turn down the charming cobblestone street lead toward Rampart Road, and you will find yourself standing before the entrance to the Yara Galle Fort Hotel, a cozy luxury boutique hotel ideal for spending a night or more when visiting the Galle Fort

Whether you need a place to stay while taking in the...

The Fortyard Café And Restaurant

Shortly after stepping inside the Galle Fort, if you make your way down to Number 40, Middle Street, you’ll find the Fortyard Café and Restaurant, a charming eatery that is quickly becoming the ideal Galle Fort Restaurant to dine at