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A Wide Range of Pizza Choices at the Fortyard Café & Restaurant, Galle Fort

Originating in Naples during the 1700s, the pizza started as the humble worker’s meal. Easy to make, easy to eat, the early pizzas were made from flatbread and loaded with various toppings (tomatoes, cheese, anchovies, etc.) and were meant to be consumed quickly. But pizza didn’t become popular until immigrants from Naples moved to the United States in the early 20th century and started making pizzas over there.

Once non-Neapolitans in America discovered how tasty pizza could be, the demand grew. The real tipping point was post-World War II- all things American became popular around the world and, along with blue denim jeans and rock-and-roll music, pizza was one of them. As their popularity grew, different countries began modifying pizza toppings to suit local palettes. Each pizza has its own unique taste and flavour, and no more so than the Yara Pizza you will find at Yara Galle Fort.

Try the Best Pizzas in Galle Fort

The Yara Fortyard Café and Restaurant has whipped up six different varieties of pizzas designed to tickle and delight your pizza-loving taste buds. If you’re visiting Galle Fort, then you simply must try a Yara Pizza, or you won’t know what you’re missing.

Meat lovers, try the Beef Bolognese with Mushroom (1,300/-) or the Spicy Devilled Chicken Pizza (1,200/-). Or if you’re feeling adventurous, try the unlikely combo that is the Salmon and Avocado Pizza (1,500/-). Can you handle the heat? Dare to eat the Arrabbiata with Chicken and Prawn Pizza (1,400/-)! Vegetarians, not to worry, the Yara Fortyard Café and Restaurant has you covered with a Vegetarian Pizza (1,000/-). And if you’re with a group, why not split a pizza amongst yourselves equally with the Yara Special Pizza Divider with Mixed Seafood and Chicken (1,500/-)?

There is no one universal pizza: every pizza and pizza topping comes with its own unique culture and cuisine, which is what makes it such a special gastronomic dish. A Yara Pizza is infused with the aroma and spirit of the Galle Fort.

Fix your mood up with a scrumptious slice of pizza. Try the specialty of the Yara Pizza, only available at the Yara Fortyard Café and Restaurant.

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